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Independent Study has never been more exciting !
The Possibilities are Virtually Endless !    

Our VISION is to create a world-class education today to shape tomorrow’s selfless, global leaders.
Our MISSION is to provide a world-class education that challenges all students to achieve their maximum potential and prepares them to succeed in a global society.
Our PHILOSOPHY:  British Academy Of Langauges takes the distance out of distance learning by working in partnership with families to provide rigorous academic preparation that is teacher mentored, parent directed and customized to meet the needs of students from all academic backgrounds. And continues to provide improved student learning and maintain positive family relationships based on trust and a shared belief that the student always comes first.

BELIEF STATEMENTS We believe everyone can learn.
We believe everyone wants to learn.
We believe effective learning is our highest priority.
We believe a safe and caring environment enhances learning.
We believe every person has value.
We believe every person is unique.
We believe learning is a lifelong process.
We believe education is the shared responsibility of student, school, family, and community.
We believe in the total development of every individual to his or her fullest potential.
We believe in a quality education, equitably provided.
We believe all schools can improve.
One certainty in this hyper-connected global world is that virtual literacy is a requisite skill no matter where you choose to live and work. Today’s students will need to know their way around the virtual world to be able to compete for the best jobs or contracts. In a stark departure from the traditional classroom setting, The British Academy of Langauges offers its students true interactive environments of project-based learning and collaborative problem solving.

The British Academy of Langauges offers a wide variety of courses that appeal to students of all ages and with very diverse interests.
British Academy Of Langauges
Administrative Offices:  Palestinian Teretory, Gaz, Tal Elhawa
St, Aldewal Alarabia
Telephone numbers in Gaza:
+970 8 2634901
+970 8 2635113
Email: info@balacademy.com

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Overview for Prospective Students

Online classes are flexible and can often be tailored to fit any schedule. They're popular with those who prefer to study from home due to family or professional obligations. Prospective students can get an overview of online learning details below.

Multiple Learning Options

One reason individuals choose online learning is so that they can earn a certificate or degree entirely online without traveling to a college campus or attending classes at fixed times. In addition, certificates and degrees that are conferred do not typically designate whether the student earned them through an online program or not. .

Scheduling, Flexibility and Pacing

The way that online courses are delivered varies by school and instructor. If a school offers the same class in person and online, the instructor and syllabus may be the same for both. In addition, some classes follow a fixed semester schedule; others have no definitive end date. Options are available for working adults who wish to pace themselves slowly through a degree program as well as for driven students who wish to complete a degree program in a fraction of the time normally required.

Online Communication and Assignments

Some online classes allow students to complete all work at their own pace as long as all work is turned in by the end of a semester; others have deadlines for assignments to help students stay on track for course completion. In some programs, students are required to be online to attend virtual class sessions at specific days or times.

Many online classes also require students to spend a certain amount of time interacting with the professor, posting on message boards or working on group projects with fellow students. Communication generally takes place via e-mail and discussion forums during off-hours, though real-time participation may be required in scheduled chat rooms or during phone and video sessions.

Virtual Classroom Organization

Online classes are usually organized through BAL, which is content management software used by colleges to replicate a classroom environment for distance-education students. This means that individuals can visit one area to locate all of their materials for all of their courses, which may include written text, video or audio files. They may also be able to take open-book exams online, though some schools require students to attend campus or visit an approved site for proctored testing.


Because of the self-directed nature of online learning, students may be held to higher levels of accountability for time management, motivation and written communication. Since they can't simply speak up as they would in a classroom, they need to be able to voice concerns, ask questions and submit work in writing. It's ultimately up to individuals to determine if online learning is right for them, and many schools offer online learning orientation or quizzes to help candidates decide if this option is suitable.

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