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10 Best Tips for speaking fluent English

Today, I have come up with 10 effective tips to get out of the dilemma and make you a fluent English speaker.

1. Get a newspaper every morning and read it front to back. It doesn’t matter which newspaper you subscribe to, it only has to be major English daily. Pick anything from The Hindu, The Times of India, Hindustan Times to The Indian Express. You may not get enough time to read every page and every article. Therefore, at least go for the ones that interest you.

2. Get yourself a pocket dictionary. It does not need to be expensive. So that the next time you come across an unfamiliar word you can look it up before it slips off your mind.

3. Try to communicate only in English whenever possible. This sort of commitment is absolutely necessary to develop the desired fluency.

4. Make a group with your friends who are interested in learning English and communicate with them in the same medium. Discuss the words and phrases you come across and also share articles, magazines, and books within the group.

5. Make a conscious effort to use the words you learnt in conversation. Get the words in head and draw it whenever you feel the need.

6. Get the habit of watching English news channels like NDTV, Headlines Today, CNN-IBN, etc. Learn from the news anchors and reporters as they normally speak crisp and proper English. Also start watching English TV shows.

7. Subscribe to at least one English book a month. Books have the capacity to introduce you to the possibilities of the language and expose you to the various ways in which words can be manipulated and played around with. This way there will be a hike in your vocabulary stock of words, phrases, colloquialisms, etc.

8. Try to think in English rather than your mother tongue. Because whenever you speak in English, you need to translate your mother tongue before speaking. This makes your process slower. So, why not start by thinking in English? It might take some time to get used to the process, but once you master it, the phrases will come faster and easier while speaking.

9. Watch an English movie every week with subtitles on. This way you will be able to make out what the actors are saying and will help you understand unfamiliar phrases.

10. Develop a habit of paying close attention whenever someone near you is speaking in English. It won‘t be considered eavesdropping, because if the person is speaking aloud in public, he/she for sure is discussing nothing important. You will get introduced to some common phrases that are used on a daily basis.