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English Language Course (Beginner B)

This course provides a solid introduction to the structure of the language, gradually building students' understanding of basic grammar equipping them with key vocabulary, and giving them skills to deal with simple social situations.


Our English course for beginners is carefully designed to help you gain essential language skills that will help boost your confidence from day one.

This course gives learners the opportunity of knowing how to introduce themselves and how to socialize with people when they go at daily life. For example, how to deal with situations at work, with family members and friends…etc.

Learners will learn vital vocabulary and daily conversational idioms and phrases that will help them to deal with different social situations. In addition, they will learn vital grammatical rules and basic writing skills.


Why choose a Beginners English Course?


*        An easy to follow, structured course

*        Learn essential speaking & listening and reading & writing skills

*        Get a good understanding of basic grammar and vocabulary

*       Start using practical English examples from day one.

*        Progress with regular tests, targets and personal learning plans


Do i need take an Entry test before I book ?

No, you'll be tested on arrival to make sure you're in a class that's just right for your level.

Course duration:

5 weeks(30 hours) – three classes weekly – the duration of each class two hours .


At the end of the course, receive an Certificate documenting your language level.




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