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English Course For Medical Practitioners

Designed for English Language Learners who are entering the health-care field, preparing for college-level science courses or working as medial practitioners.


In this course learners will learn English with medical background. They will learn the four integrated English skills (reading and writing and listening and speaking) and at the same time improve their medical terminology.

Buy the end of the course, learners would realize how significantly their English improved compare to the state it was in before they joined the course. The course will also solve the language problem that students of science and medicine face when they do their examinations and will give them confidence to interact well in classes.


Do i need take an Entry test before I book ?

Yes, you'll be tested on arrival to make sure you're in a class that's just right for your level.

Course duration:

 5 weeks (30 hours)  – three classes weekly – the duration of each class two hours .


At the end of the course, receive an Certificate documenting your language level.


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