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Training of Trainers

Training of Trainers


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International Trainer: Mr. Ahmed El-Moamamy from Egypt and holds a master's degree in human development.

Duration of the course: 14 hours training - 3 weekly meetings - the duration of each lecture two hours

Objectives of Trainings of Trainers Training Of Trainers

The trainer becomes very well managed for the training sessions.

Has the ability to design a complete training program.

Has presentation and presentation skills.

Ability to know the psychological aspects and mental images of the trainees and how to correct them during the course.

Optimal use of body language.

Managing workshops, workshops and brainstorming times.

The training of trainers courses are a constant incentive to develop the personal and scientific skills of the trainers and create a spirit of competition between the trainers and each other in order to reach the most skilled and efficient form of the coach himself and in terms of his professional work as a professional coach.

Teaching language: Arabic

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