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General Immediate Translation Course

This course is designed to give students a true insight into translation skills and strategies. They will be offered the opportunity of learning how to deal with different types of translations such as: the textual and simultaneous translations.


In this course learners will have theoretical and practical classes. They will learn how to deal with cultural differences that constitute the main challenge to many translators, and how to use the accurate equivalence of expressions, maxims, proverbs and idioms. The course will focus on different valuable skills and techniques that any translator should enjoy, such as listening to a speech and keep translating at the same time without having what you listen to interfering with what you translate.

Students will have the opportunity of knowing the weak forms of translations in order to avoid them when they translate. They will also learn how to keep the exact meaning of what they translate, through having a deep insight into the cultural differences.


Do i need take an Entry test before I book ?

Yes, you'll be tested on arrival to make sure you're in a class that's just right for your level.

Course duration:

 5 weeks (30 hours)  – three classes weekly – the duration of each class two hours .


At the end of the course, receive an Certificate documenting your language level.



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