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STUDY FOR THE UNDERSTANDING, GUIDANCE, CONTROL AND EVALUATION OF THE INTERDISCIPLINARY FIELD OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. This Program explains the role of public administration in government and public office, and its role in the implementation of government policy and translating political decisions into the “reality” which citizens see every day. It covers the organisation of government departments and agencies, the management of programmes designed to implement policy, and the behaviour and responsibilities of ‘civil servants’ and officials who are responsible for those policies and programmes. It considers government decision making, how and why policies are developed, and analysis of them. It describes the duties of heads of city, county, regional, state and federal departments, such as municipal budget directors, HR administrators, city managers, census managers, state mental health directors, and cabinet secretaries.



·         The nature and roles of public administration in the world of changing public expectations.

·         Public administration in the implementation of government policy and its affect on the daily lives of citizens.

·         The institutional setting of public administration.

·         Public administration organisational structures; central government.

·         The public sector, the environment, “green” policies; gauging their impact and outcomes; implementation of environmental/green policies.

·         The civil or public service: public administrators, duties and responsibilities.

·         The correct behaviour towards the public.

·         Traditional roles of public servants, recent changes, the modern civil or public service.

·         Economy, efficiency and equity in public administration.

·         Human resource management: recruitment, training, remuneration, supervision and control.

·         Promotion - vertical and horizontal - in public administration. 

·         Integration, continuity and change in public administration.

·         Structure and functions of local administration.

·         Duties and responsibilities of local administration officials, local government service, bureaucracies.

·         Elected and employed officials, central government control.

·         Financing the public sector, allocating resources for central and local administration, budgets and budgetary control, financial control, audits.

·         Independent public bodies.

·         Health and voluntary agencies.


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