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This interesting Program teaches about many aspects of commerce and elements of commercial law which all business and commercial people, and anybody with organisational responsibilities, need to understand. It is essential that business people understand laws relating to commercial activity, especially the law of contract and the law of tort, as failure to comply with the law can lead to civil or criminal actions, fines, loss of business or personal possessions, and imprisonment. This Program covers vital topics on legal transactions, ethical conduct and the best way to safely conduct the practice of business.



·         The place of commerce and trade in the modern commercial world.

·         How the elements of commerce evolved and developed.

·         Modern business, the role of money and banking, transport, hospitality, insurance, law and communication.

·         The types of economies in which organisations transact business and operate.

·         Sources and categories of law: constitutional, customary, common, statute, case law.

·         Criminal and civil law.

·         Commercial law, the law of contract: an offer, an acceptance, the financial consideration.

·         Terms and conditions of trade; what they are, standards, how they are presented.

·         Credit and credit transactions, affects on cash flow and liquidity, risks associated with credit, credit management. 

·         Transactions and documents used in business - layout, content, interpretation, preparation.

·         Types of business: sole-owners, partnerships, limited companies.

·         Financing companies; matters relating to ownership, capital, shares, shareholders, share certificates, shareholders’ agreements. 

·         Legal obligations of company directors, the company secretary duties, annual returns, general meetings.

·         Tort liability for defective goods, product liability and the law, the law relating to defective services. 

·         Employment law, health and safety in the workplace, legal protection of employees against dismissal, redundancy and discrimination.

·         The law of agency, the creation of agency, the rights and duties of agents and principals. 

·         Intellectual property law. 

·         Transfer of ownership, performance, legal remedies for breach of contract and of confidence.


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