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Event management is particularly challenging from an operational viewpoint. Many events are staged on sites where everything has been set up over a 24-hour period, with all the elements carefully synchronised. In contrast, many other events require years of planning; large convention bids are often won five years before the event is held. This Program deals with the detailed operational management required for successful events, including the logistics of setting up an event and breaking it down afterwards. An event manager needs to plan the implementation of events with attention to every detail, to avoid even minor mistakes which could have serious repercussions, such as the delayed radio or television broadcasts of an event. This Program covers in detail such important topics as production and staging, staffing, safety and security, spectator management, protocol, catering and waste management. These are some of the many operational details that need to be finalised before an event. In addition, the Program considers event promotion and evaluation, as well as careers in a changing environment.


Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program:

*Project management: establishing the mission statement, aims and proposal; planning tools, principles. Promotion and public relations, image, branding, promotional activities, public relations, publicity.

* Event staging, site choice and rehearsals, service provision, contractors, catering, accommodation. Human resource management, organisation charts, job descriptions, recruitment, training, legalities.

 *People performance, leadership, managing teams, training, motivation, development, communication. On-site services and management, performance standards, site set-up, function areas, logistics.  

*Safety, security, risk; health and safety training and compliance, meetings, reporting incidents. Crowd procedures, spectator management, fi rst aid services, emergency plans, mass gatherings.

*Event protocol, precedence, titles, address, formal dress occasions, speakers, seating plans, culture. Event catering, food preparation and service, beverage service, catering contracts, food safety.  

*Environmental management, waste management, sanitary facilities, environmental considerations. Careers in the changing event & project management environment, job opportunities, career skills.


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