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This Program prepares CIC Members to take advantage of a wide range of career opportunities - in television, film, radio, print and online production, journalism, media law, sales and marketing, advertising, public relations, communication, campaign or advocacy, policy and research, and fund-raising. Modern media have powerful influences and effects on all aspects of contemporary lives; mass media and social media have greatly changed the way in which businesses, governments and private individuals communicate with and between one another. Understanding how media work and operate - and how best to make effective use of them - is essential for the success and prosperity of businesses, because rapid and effective communication with prospective and existing customers and clients - nationally and/or internationally - is paramount in overcoming competition. This is a very topical and


Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program:


*Media professionals and the "politics" of representation: stars, personalities and celebrities. Dominant practices and forms of reality media: reality, truth, freedom, ethics, responsibilities.

*Media businesses in the digital age. Methods and techniques of mass communication. Regulation and public policy. The impact of social media and global media; global media production.

*Audiences: producing audiences, the range of activities of media professionals, propaganda and manipulation of audiences, media effects and moral panics, from ‘effects’ to influence.

*Identifying audience activity; from ‘effects’ to uses and gratifications, media, context and meaning. Researching media audiences, ethics and audience research.

*Media and power, conceptualisation, ideology; discourse, power in communication, global news.

*Mass society, mass media and social change; theories of mass society, who the "masses" are.

*Making media: writing, still images, web design, moving images, animation, game design, audio production; imagining, planning, telling, imaging, designing, editing, theorising. Documentaries.

*The ‘consumer society’, historical context of consumerism and advertising; cultures of consumerism. Branding, identity and consumption. National, international and global marketing.

*Organisation and practice of advertising in the digital age. The future of advertising and marketing.


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