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It is essential that a strategy and plans are drawn up before an event takes place. Many events are staged on sites which need quick, effi cient setting up; in contrast, many events require years of planning, and a successful bid, before the event is held. For competitive bidding, budgets need to be developed and prices quoted, requiring a good understanding of market, economic and political trends, and consumer choices. In this program strategic management and planning focuses on the event concept, feasibility, legal compliance, fi nancial management and marketing because many events - sporting, cultural and arts - involve sponsorship arrangements. This Program considers in detail all these aspects, including risk, relationship building and stakeholder involvement.


Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program:

*The event industry structure and operations; event sizes, types, teams; technology, resources, ethics. Event concept: establishing the objectives, themes and format; event analysis, design, logistics.

* Event feasibility; event context and rationale; identifying requirements and opportunities; event SWOT analysis; evaluating planning, operational needs, developing project plans and recommendations.

* Analysing event venues; site inspections, defi ning requirements, checklists, arrangements, maps. Compliance, legislation and law; insurance, licencing, stakeholders, offi cial bodies, policies, contracts.  

*Business and client relationships, negotiations, agreement, quality customer service, making changes. Marketing strategies, marketing mix, sponsorship, market segmentation, environment analysis.

* Sponsorship motives and needs; sponsor types and categories; implementing, evaluating, merchandising. Budget preparation and budgeting; break-even point, income strategy, cash flow analysis.  

*Accounts, fi nancial control systems, reports. Business risk analysis and management, implementing and monitoring risk strategies. Event bids, tendering, applying for grants, event criteria, bid documents.


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