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Hotels of many different sizes, standards and types, and catering for differing demands of guests exist in a country. Despite their differences, all hotels are businesses, with common functions and with the aim of profi tability. The prosperity of any hotel requires considerable knowledge, experience and managerial skill. Every hotel comprises a number of departments performing different operations, which need skilful co-ordination to ensure satisfi ed guests. This Program provides training on all major operations, and also on their successful planning and implementation.


Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program include:  

*Hotels as businesses: functions, types, locations, sizes, standards, facilities; type of guests, guests’ travel motivations; planning services, organisation and management structures. Rating, categories.

* Hotel products: accommodation, food and beverages; tangible and intangible features, services. Marketing, methods of selling hotel products, brochures, the internet, websites. Recruitment, staffing.  

*Hotel front offi ces: duties of receptionists, reservations, check-in, check-out, guest relations, guest billing, cashiering, complaints; product knowledge, staff attributes. Uniform staff and their duties.

* Hotel bedrooms, furniture, fi xtures, decor, en suite facilities, occupancy, features. The duties of the housekeeping department, staff training, motivation, room inspections, servicing, linen, security.

* Hotel catering: purchasing, storing and issuing foodstuffs, security, food preparation, hygiene, outlets, catering; kitchens, hotel restaurants, ambience, layout, menus, types of service, staff.

* Hotel beverages, sales in bars, restaurants, room service, minibars, additional guest services. Financial accounts, statements, hotel computer systems, ownership, profi tability, starting a hotel.


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