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The success or failure of any enterprise can be greatly affected by the effi ciency of its stores operations. Effi cient stores management can save an enterprise money, help to retain customers and maintain continuous production; but stores “mismanagement” can lose an enterprise money, customers and production. This Program provides the training essential for effi cient stores management. A stores manager must manage more than just the store and inventory; he/she must also manage stores personnel: plan, organise and co-ordinate their work, train, supervise and control them; we teach how that is done.


Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program:

  *The stores function and activities, effi ciency; principles of management: recruiting, training, controlling, motivating stores personnel; attributes looked for in staff. Health and safety, accident prevention.  

*Storehouse buildings, location, design, layout, floors, entrances, planning, heating, effi ciency, substores, maintenance. Stockyards: materials, location, design, layout, throughfl ow, protection.

* Manual and powered stores equipment, materials handling; storage, measuring and general stores equipment; order picking, packaging, damages, pallets, racks. Protective clothing, safety equipment.

* Protection of stock against loss and damage, causes of spoilage, storehouse and stockyard security, keys, prevention of theft and pilfering, fi re prevention, fi re drills and equipment. Ordering stock items.

* Stock items, inventory identifi cation, codes, coding systems. Stock records: contents, uses, accuracy, statistics and reports; the stores offi ce. Procedures for stock receipts and issues; packing, despatch.  

*Setting stock levels, reorder levels, factors; costs, ABC, EOQ; stocktaking, spot checks, stock valuation, inspections; obsolete and obsolescent stock, disposal. Documentation, data safety, backups.


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