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Top-class selling ability is not all that is required for success in sales/marketing management. Not only must knowledge be possessed about market research, about distribution channels, marketing strategies, advertising, publicity, public relations, and much more, but a sales/marketing manager must manage his or her subordinates: recruit them, motivate them, control them, plan and organise their activities. Training is essential for success in sales/marketing; this very practical Program provides the very best training on the wide-ranging duties of sales and marketing managers and staff in today’s highly competitive world of business.


Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program:  

*Principles of salesmanship, internal & commercial travelling; methods of selling, creating interest, transactions, demonstrations. Consumers, commercial and corporate buyers. Ongoing sales, leads.

* Principles of management: recruiting, training, remunerating, controlling and motivating sales personnel; travelling salesmen; building sales teams, sales targets, sales areas: organisation, control.  

*Market research: consumer research, market surveys, advertising research, test marketing, sales forecasting, segmentation, brands, psychology; planning, budgeting, budgetary control, variances.

* Channels of distribution; wholesale, retail, franchise. Credit terms, limits, control; discounts: trade, quantity. Sales forecasting, planning, product life cycle (PLC). Pricing strategy, factors, objectives.

* Direct and indirect advertising and publicity, media, sales promotion; sales letters & literature, direct marketing, public relations. The Internet as a marketing and sales tool; website design, social media.  

*The sales offi ce, records, graphs, statistics, collection and analysis of data, computerised sales data. Export selling, international marketing, customs duties, researching overseas markets, expansion.


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