'Mr. Tamer Almeshal '

It is with honour, pride and humility that I accept this kind award of Honorary International Master of Business Administration from Cambridge International College and the British Academy of Languages.

I am most grateful for this award that serves as a great support and encouragement for me and all Palestinian journalists who have continuously sacrificed their safety and their own lives for the sake of sharing the truth with the world despite the many difficulties including the siege on Gaza and the direct targeting from the Israeli occupation forces on innocent professionals in the line of duty.

 I was born in a refugee camp in Gaza, experienced my adolescence during the first Palestinian uprising or Intifada and gained my university journalism degree during the second Intifada. My professional career as an Aljazeera news correspondent from Gaza started with the Israeli war in 2008, followed by the two wars in 2012 and 2014. With these unique and unsettling experiences, I learned to love and appreciate my profession. It means a lot to me... it means that I am an ambassador for humanity, for my people and my cause.

I am grateful to everyone that has helped me reach this stage in my life including my family, friends, mentors and the Aljazeera network as well as the BBC which was the catalyst to my journalism career.

Unfortunately, most of my coverage in Gaza and in the nearby region has been of suffering, siege, revolution, crisis and bloodshed but I won't despair nor will I discontinue my hope for a better future, a peaceful future. I believe that soon one day the moment will come when I will cover the happiness of my people rejoicing in their freedom and a free Palestine with Jerusalem its rightful capital. Hopefully that day will come soon.

With my best wishes and regards                                       

Tamer Almisshal

Aljazeera correspondent in Gaza strip