'Dr. Maryam Abu Daqqa'

I'd like to thank the British Academy of Languages & Cambridge International College in Britain for giving me an honorary master's degree in Business Administration. This is an honor for me which I will never forget  forever since it's so valuable, This moment made me forget all the pain and suffering through the march of struggle lasted 46 years and now I have a new responsibility to give and give the rest of my life for Palestine and the people of Palestine particularly women. For the prisoners, for freedom, for peace, for equality, for justice, for a society that won't have occupation, nor injustice, enslavement and discrimination. We've been struggling and struggling for this and we will continue in the sake of these supreme principles. I will work whatever I can and do my best for the right of the Palestinian women in all areas side by side with men, in order that our children enjoy normal childhood, as any other children of the world.

This honor has come under the conditions of a very complex and difficult experienced by our people from the unjust blockade and violations of the occupation. Thanks very much for Cambridge International College and the British Academy of Languages for  this honor.

Mariam Abu Daqqa

Palestinian militant and activist in the field of women